Top 10 Tik Tok Videos Of All Time!

Top 10 Tik Tok Videos Of All Time!

Britney Cleveland

We all have our individual TikTok tastes—but we can't fight the enormous views those TikTok videos are getting...TikTok doesn't provide individual year in review, but it does provide data about overall views. So let's dive into it :)

  1. The Remarkable Giant Chocolate Giraffe
@amauryguichon Chocolate Giraffe! 🦒This 8.3ft tall 100% chocolate sculpture is my biggest creation yet. #amauryguichon #chocolate #giraffe ♬ dream river. - Woong Sun Hee

2. Squishy Gobbles Down on Some Nuts

@chipmunksoftiktok Thank you God my little Squishy is back from hibernation, fill the cheeks my sweet baby #fyp #welcomeback #cuteanimals #cute #chipmunks #squishy ♬ original sound - Chipmunks of TikTok

3. Rosalía Chews Gum and Everyone Loses Their Minds



4.The "Jiggle Jiggle" One

@blondebrunetteredhead does this turn you on? #fyp ♬ Jiggle Jiggle - Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux

5. Mom,I'm Just A Child!

@little.blooming.women Did. She. Stutter? #parenting #toddler #toddlersoftiktok ♬ original sound - Jordan

6.The Corn Video. Best Snack In The World

@schmoyoho intro song for any meal/snack with corn 🌽 - from iconic interview on @doingthings ♬ It's Corn - Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

7.LIZZZO! It's About Damn Time


I would’ve given my left coochie lip to be at the spring awakening reunion show 😭

♬ About Damn Time - Lizzo

8. The School Musical Reveal ..

@itsmrfinn Part 2: The FINAL day of our musical reveal. #musicteacher #music #musiceducation #musicaltheater #musicaltheaterkidcheck ♬ original sound - Mr. Finn

9.  The emotional story of Tom who Is No Longer Homeless


Tom is no longer homeless and now has a full time job that he loves ❤️

♬ original sound - Jimmy Darts

10. Lava Vs. Ice


Who won ?

♬ Jurassic Park Theme - Voidoid