Identical Twins Marry Twins, Doctor Says “Stop”
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Identical Twins Marry Twins, Doctor Says “Stop”

Johan Brown

Waves of pain coursed through her body, and all she could do was ride it out. She’d never felt anything this painful before, and she knew that her sister was going through the same agony. But they’d been warned that this would happen.

They received so many warnings and strong advice, but they ignored all of it. They felt that it was their lives and their choices to make. But now they were left praying for it to end while waiting for the truth to come out.

Getting Ready

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Brittney had a wide grin on her face as she applied the perfume to her neck. A giggle left her painted lips as she watched her sister struggle to zip up her sparkling white gown. She had struggled with the same problem just minutes before.

The 33-year-old wondered if the television crew noticed her reaction. The church was filled with cameramen and reporters.

It Went Viral

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Twin sisters, Brittney and Briana, made headlines when they got engaged to another set of identical twin brothers. They had so much in common, but it was amusing that they also happened to have the same type in men.

Their story went viral, and before they knew it, TLC reached out to them and offered to pay for the entire wedding if they could film the event. They couldn’t believe this. It was magical, and it was so different from anything they had ever experienced before.

They Were Unique

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The two sisters were unique with their own likes, personality quirks, and attitudes. For example, Brittney loved flying, whereas Briana was absolutely terrified of it. This always made vacationing quite a challenge.

But there was one thing their individuality didn’t spare them from: unfortunately, they shared many, horrible health problems that they had to suffer through together.

Particularly Scary

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Brittney always thought of one particularly scary hospital visit when they were very young. She could remember that they were both in horrible pain, struggling to breathe while their parents yelled at the doctors to help them. But the doctors never really knew what to do.

After countless trips to the emergency room, the twins developed a distrust of health professionals.


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But even that memory wasn’t going to tarnish their wedding day. Brittney felt jitters and tears as they walked down the aisle side-by-side. The wonderful euphoria lasted all throughout their honeymoon too.

Before long, both sisters fell pregnant. When they saw the two lines on their pregnancy tests, they immediately called each other. But the amazing news was sadly countered by an unpleasant reality.

Going To The Doctor  

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They had to go to a doctor. At first, they decided that they would simply talk to a midwife, but eventually, the entire family pressured them into visiting a bland doctor's office that lingered with the smell of disinfectant.

They were used to these kinds of places bringing them bad news. A doctor came walking in with a frown on his face. Brittney’s heart sank. Were they about to receive some more bad news?

His Words

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The doctor took a seat across from the group and let out a heavy sigh. “Ladies, I thought I told you to come and talk to me before you decided to start a family.”

Upon hearing the doctor’s words, Brittney instantly felt her blood begin to boil. “No, you told our mother that.” She responded. He shook his head and pulled out a folder.

Medical History

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He’d pulled out her and Briana’s medical history. He then began talking, using words like testing, health, pre-natal preparation, and a bunch of other medical jargon that neither of them wanted to hear.

Brittney clutched her husband’s hand tightly, she was beyond angry. How dare he tell them that they shouldn’t have kids?! She opened her mouth, about to give him a piece of her mind, but the next piece of news was heartbreaking.

Defective Gene

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The doctor explained that because of their past genetic problems and the pending tests on their husbands, there was a chance that both sisters’ babies could have the same defective gene passed down to them. This was the last thing they wanted to hear.

In short, there was a possibility that their kids could struggle with the same illnesses that they were battling when they were babies.  

“Be Careful”

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“It’s obviously your body and your choice,” the doctor said, “I just wish you would have come here so we could have prepared better. Now, all we can do is watch closely and be careful.”

She leaned into her husband and started to cry. Why hadn’t she thought of that possibility before? Two thoughts crashed and fought around in her head…

Against All Odds

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First, she hated everything to do with hospitals. But second, it was her job to make sure her future children would be safe and healthy.

Babies might have been a grab bag of genetic materials, but their pairing of identical twins created an entirely different set of odds. The two sisters didn’t have a clue of what they were heading for.

Supporting Each Other

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Still, at that point, all they could do was go on bedrest together. The two sisters supported each other all the way throughout the pregnancy journey.

They smiled at their growing bellies, giggled at their identical cravings for pickles and Starburst candies, and held each other tight when something felt “wrong.” Months passed by until, finally, the big day came.

Into Labor

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Eight months and two weeks later, Brianna was the first to go into labor. And, in fine twin fashion, Brittney felt her water break only a few hours later.

The worst part, however, was being separated. She gripped her husband’s arm and gave one final push. Cries filled the delivery room. But was the newborn healthy, or would the journey end up leading to a heartbreaking conclusion?

Everything Worked Out Fine

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Despite the high risk, she cried with joy as she learned that both babies were perfectly healthy. They had won the DNA lottery and wouldn’t have to suffer as they had.

Everything had worked out just fine in the end. However, as they held their tiny infants, they both agreed that they would check with a doctor before having another. But that was just the beginning.