Fun Lawn Games Nobody Knows About
Pexels / Rodnae Productions

Fun Lawn Games Nobody Knows About

Johan Brown

The lawn game gods have answered our call this season. Some historical throwbacks are guaranteed to make everyone grin, and bigger outdoor versions of time-tested games for tailgating.

These lawn games are a welcome addition to your regular roster, whether you're keeping strict score to ensure you win or just looking for a summer afternoon of al fresco drinks and an excuse to be outside in the sun.

Golf Pong

Pexels / Nadim Shaikh

This lawn game mashup is just what you were looking for. I'm still determining whose idea it was to incorporate a beer-pong scoring system with a putting green, but I'm down with it. The team that gets a ball in each hole at the end of the game will win. Each team will take turns softly striking their ball over the 11.5-foot green.

The gaps are filled in after a team score, making things simpler. What's best? If you have the space, you can put this up indoors, which makes it ideal for summer events when the weather changes, but you still want to maintain the picnic atmosphere.

Lawn Bowling

Pexels / Cottonbro Studio

Speaking of bowling, did you know there is a sport called lawn bowling? When can you bowl outside? Who needs scuffed-up old shoes? With your pals at your side, set up this outdoor lawn bowling set and make a strike.

When you aren't concerned about bumpers or if your favorite ball will make it back down the alley, this game is simple, nostalgic, and much better.


Pexels / Alesia Kozik

Tetherball is one of those sports that may seem faintly familiar and as though it originated in gym class in a previous life, but you need to figure out how to play or if you have ever done so. Here is a summary.

Both you and your opponent strike the ball while attempting to wrap it around the pole and prevent your opponent from doing the opposite. It is ideal for pick-up games at a BBQ because it requires no additional equipment once it is set up.