Woman Gets Pet, 2 Years Later Vet Says It's No Dog

Woman Gets Pet, 2 Years Later Vet Says It's No Dog

Johan Brown

She knew she would never be able to unsee this. It all started when she saw her two-year-old dog do something completely out of character. She knew she couldn’t deny it any longer. Something definitely wasn’t right.

But when she finally decided to face the truth, it was already much too late. It quickly became apparent that Su Yun was in a lot of trouble. Before she knew it, the police would be knocking on her front door.

Doing The Research

Pexels/Sandipan Ghosh

Su Yun was certain that she knew what she was getting herself into. After doing the research and reading so many reviews, she thought she’d familiarised herself with exotic dog breeds. She even made sure to make all the necessary purchases, such as a dog bed, collar, lead, shampoo, and even an engraved tag.

As far as she was concerned, they were ready to make the commitment. But as soon as he started outgrowing the things she bought him, worry set in. Shortly after that, the unimaginable happened.

Happy Family


It started innocently enough. Su Yun lived a comfortable life with her two young children and her husband, in Kunming City, China.

She was a hardworking and devoted mother, and she was beginning to feel the pressure of juggling a full-time job and her family life. That’s why she decided that it was time to take her family on a nice holiday. But she had no idea what fate had in store for her.

Asian Trip


Before they knew it, their bags were packed and ready for their exciting Asian trip! They soon embarked on the vacation that would change their lives forever. They didn’t know it at the time, but in two years, their mistake would make headlines.

A few days after their arrival, they were exploring their destination when they found a beautiful litter of puppies.

Considering It


As soon as the children saw the little balls of fur, they began pleading with their parents. Su Yun and her husband had been considering getting a family dog, but they never expected to find what they were looking for while on holiday.

Su Yun thought that it was meant to be as she picked one up and held it close to her chest. But she had no idea what would happen once she brought one of these pups home.

Their New Pet


The man who sold them the puppy warned that it was a Tibetan Mastiff and that they were expected to stand two feet tall once they were fully grown.

The Yuns were over the moon with their new pet. They humorously decided to name him “Little Black” and they couldn’t wait to take him home. But soon, they would discover that the little pup would become a massive problem.

Going Home

Pexels/Helena Lopes

Their bond with the new puppy only seemed to grow by the day. Before they knew it, their vacation had come to an end and they had to return to Kunming City with Little Black. They now also had to decide where he would sleep every night.

Kunming City was warm enough that dogs could sleep outside, but the Yuns decided that Little Black would be an inside dog. He was more than happy to stay close to his new family. But soon, they noticed something odd about him.

No Dog Food

Pexels/Matthis Volquardsen

Su Yun thought it was odd that he refused to eat any of the dog food she would buy him. He only ever ate noodles and fruit, so that’s what Su decided to feed him.

She was new to owning a dog, so she didn’t think much of this. She simply assumed that he was a fussy eater. But in the blink of an eye, he was eating her out of the house.

No Slowing Down

Pexels/Paul Theodor Oja

Daily, Little Black would eat an entire box of mixed fruits and two whole buckets of noodles. To make matters worse, he showed no sign of slowing down any time soon. By the time he was a year old, they had spent a fortune on his food.

But besides his odd preference for noodles and fruit, the family began noticing some other worrying characteristics. They had no idea what legal troubles awaited them.

He Was Huge!

Pexels/Matthis Volquardsen

Su Yun had expected him to grow into a big dog, but she wasn’t prepared for him to get this large. He was now two years old and he was three feet tall and weighed an astonishing 250 pounds. He was much larger than they expected.

But one day, she found him in the kitchen doing something so disturbing that it raised all the red flags.

Disturbing Behavior


Su Yun walked in to see Little Black standing on his hind legs. Su had seen other dogs stand up like a human while doing tricks or begging for food, but this was different.

It was finally time to come to grips that there was something very strange about this dog. Then, she started to become frightened.

Growing Frightened

Pexels/Alexander Nadrilyanski

This pup was growing so fast that the family started feeling scared around their dog. Not visible as a puppy were certain features, like the size of his teeth.

Little Black was now constantly standing on his hind legs, he disliked walking on all fours. With his size and his enormous white teeth, it was becoming a little frightening to be around him. But Su Yun was still in denial.

Moving Him Outside

Pexels/La Fattoria Di Tobia Rifugio Per Animal

While Su Yun was pushing her fears down, Little Black had started to get a reputation among the neighbors. Walking the enormous dog had become a spectacle, and soon he was too big to live inside the house.

The family built him a makeshift dog house in the yard. But, of course, simply moving him outside didn’t make their problems go away.

Not Normal

Pexels/Ryutaro Tsukata

Now that Little Black was an outside dog, Su Yun expected him to start behaving like one. You would think that he would have taken to guarding the house against intruders and barking at anything that moved.

But he never did. Now that Su Yun thought about it, the only sound she’d ever heard him make was a low growl. It was becoming very clear that she had made a huge mistake.

Growing Suspicions

Pexels/Alex Dugquem

The bigger Little Black grew, the larger Su Yun’s fears became. Something just didn’t add up. She began to research normal Tibetan Mastiff behavior, but what she found only added to her fears.

She posted a photograph of Little Black online, and a vet on the forum informed her that he’d have to call the police!