Ways To Make Sure Your Spine Stays Healthy
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Ways To Make Sure Your Spine Stays Healthy

Johan Brown

You've had back discomfort sometimes, whether it was from waking up with a stiff back, feeling uncomfortable from a day of yard labor, or tweaking your back while unloading the dishwasher. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 39% of individuals reported having back discomfort three months before the study.

However, there are actions you can do to maintain a healthy, strong back and stave off the need for spine surgery. A skilled spinal surgeon in Arizona stated, "I consider spine health similarly to how I view heart health. It requires daily dedication. It doesn't happen instantly or by transient efforts."

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

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A core workout regimen and regular physical activity are essential for maintaining a healthy spine. Both have been demonstrated to lessen back discomfort, according to Dr. Chung. A daily stroll might be beneficial. Dr. Chung advises beginning with five to ten minutes of daily walking and gradually increasing it if you aren't exercising.

Develop a regular core-strengthening regimen with a physical therapist if you suffer from back discomfort. Dr. Chung advised avoiding things that worsen your pain and listening to your body. He adds that another choice is yoga, which has also been proven beneficial.

Get Enough Sleep

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According to Dr. Chung, back discomfort is less joint in those who routinely get a good night's sleep and are less agitated. Muscle tension brought on by stress then results in pain. Many individuals are unaware of the connection between stress, restless sleep, and back discomfort. Therefore, ensure to address any sleep issues or excessive stress levels.

The CDC advises deep breathing, stretching, meditation, exercise, hobbies, and talking to others to handle stress. Maintain regular bedtimes and wake-up hours, keep screens out of your bedroom, limit coffee and alcohol before bed, and keep your bedroom cozy, quiet, and dark to enhance your sleep.

Keep Healthy Habits

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Dr. Chung pointed out that there is no quick, long-term fix for spine pain. These changes are lifelong habits, not overnight remedies. "It might not be easy to incorporate these practices into your daily routine. Start slow—it doesn't have to happen all at once. But if you're able to, these are powerful habits that are not only good for your spine health but for your overall health, too."

When you have back pain, it will often resolve without invasive procedures or surgery. "The reality is, in many cases, the body takes care of the problem," Dr. Chung said. But you and your doctor can work together to develop the best treatment plan; sometimes, surgery is the right choice.