White Onion vs. Yellow Onion: What's the Difference?

White Onion vs. Yellow Onion: What's the Difference?

Johan Brown

Many people keep a bag of yellow onions in their cupboard because they are excellent everyday onions. When cooked, their flavor and perfume are slightly more potent than white onions, but not by much as some people may find the taste of raw yellow onions off-putting.

According to Duane Hendershot, general manager of Healthy Living Market in Saratoga Springs, New York, "the yellow onion is your best bet if you ever have a dish that calls for onions."

Their Sharpness

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Both white and yellow onions have layers of dry, paper-like skin and are similar in size and form despite having very different harvests. They also contain more nutrients than one would ever guess.

You can soak any of your onions in water for 30–1 hour if you ever feel they are too sharp. It will lessen the sharpness and cooking the onions will help lessen their sulfurous smell, which may get worse as the yellow or white onions get older. Both yellow and white onions may make you cry when slicing or chopping them because sulfuric chemicals are generated by raw onions when they are chopped.

Getting The Right Onion

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Take a moment to quickly inspect that the onions are "quite firm, weighty for their size, and free of bruises" before choosing one from the abundance at your neighborhood grocery store.  They ought to have sprout-free skin that is dry and papery.

Once you get home, store your whole onions away from heat sources in a cool, dry area. If you only intend to utilize a portion of the onion, keep the remainder in the refrigerator in an airtight bag or container for later use. To ensure that the smell won't stay, glass containers are even preferable. Or, slice and dice your onions before freezing them to make meal prep for soups and casseroles a breeze!

How To Cook With Each

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White onions can be replaced with yellow ones in your next soup or sauce with minor changes to the final product. However, unless you don't mind the more overpowering flavor and perfume, we wouldn't advise eating yellow onions raw for your salads and sandwiches.

The tastiest white onions are raw or after rapid cooking (think stir-fry or grilling). Additionally, white onions are frequently used in guacamole and potato salads. Use the best yellow onions yellow onions can be used in almost any recipe because of their versatility. But try something novel and serve caramelized balsamic onions or honey-glazed onions as a side dish at your next meal.