Why Planning a “Suburbs Day” Is the Perfect Way to Unwind

Why Planning a “Suburbs Day” Is the Perfect Way to Unwind

Johan Brown

I've happily called Chicago home for well over ten years. I abide by all of the Big City laws as a result. No ketchup is allowed on hot dogs. Additionally, I'm setting up a folding chair in my parking space and claiming it if I have to shovel my vehicle through the snow. This is how success in a vast city is achieved!

I adore Chicago, am content to stay here, and have no plans to leave. You might be anticipating the word "but," but in reality, it's more of a "and." The city is perfect for my boyfriend and me, yet I enjoy the suburbs.

The Suburbs

Pexels / Chait Goli

I sometimes miss living in the suburbs. Perhaps it's because they bring to mind Rockford, Illinois, where I grew up. Although Rockford has many characteristics shared with Chicago suburbs, it is certainly not one. There, everything goes a little more slowly—in a beautiful way. A major highway has every single national chain store.

While I prefer living in a city due to its inherent sustainability—accessibility to public transit, green architecture, and an abundance of public resources—sometimes I need a different setting. I treat myself to a day in the suburbs about once a season. I don my comfortable yet stylish "Sarah in the Suburbs" attire, leave our dog with her father at home for the day, and venture out.

Treating Myself

Unsplash / Heidi Fin

Once I get there, I should reward myself. First stop: a nail parlor in a strip mall. Manicures and pedicures are at pricing much less than my regular Lakeview salon. I usually spend the first part of my appointments when I fit in time to get my nails done in the city. No, in the suburbs!

The technicians at the last nail shop I went to in a suburb played a never-ending loop of "The Graham Norton Show" on one screen while playing an incredibly entertaining  YouTube Channel on the other. This is only a taste of why I love my suburban days.

A Good Meal

Pexels / Makafood

My comfortable, easygoing suburban day is about to achieve its climax in the suburban Marketplace. Although my spouse and I adore the food and products at the well-known Japanese grocery chain, we don't go there very often.

I take advantage of these outings to the suburbs to stroll around the aisles, store our frozen favorites, choose a few new things to try, ogle the delicious selections, and purchase sutadon bowls to enjoy back in Chicago.