Wife Refuses To Drive To Work Until One Day Husband Follows And Sees Why

Wife Refuses To Drive To Work Until One Day Husband Follows And Sees Why

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His neighbor had recorded the videos, and he was fuming as he watched them. He never thought he would be watching his wife do something like that.

She had been acting strange for months, and he tried to make sense of it. He struggled to understand why she seemed to be withholding information from him or why she was being secretive. But he was about to get the answers he needed.

The Perfect Couple

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Marvin had been married to Jaylesya for 20 years and resided in a small town in Red Oak, North Carolina. While Jaylesya worked as a housewife, Marvin worked in a warehouse.

Any outsider would agree they looked like a perfectly happy couple and had a solid marriage. Every marriage had its ups and downs, but it didn’t seem like Jaylesya and Marvin experienced any downs in their marriage.

Life Plans


Marvin felt that his life with Jaylesya was easy and trouble-free, and he was grateful for it. They were country people, and he pitied the people who lived in the city who were unsure of what life path they wanted to take.

He prided himself in thinking that he and his wife had figured their lives out. They were in love and would stay together until they were old and wrinkly. But some plans are destined to change.

The Warehouse

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The warehouse in which Marvin used to work had been successful for years before it hit a rough patch. There was an issue with the supply change, but nothing could be done to rectify the situation.

They were losing money, and they had to start lessening their working hours. It wasn’t long before they started firing people. Marvin was lucky enough to keep his job, but he was earning less than he was used to and prayed that things would get better.



Marvin eventually started bringing home half of what he used to and began growing stressed when he and Jaylesya struggled to pay the bills.

They both realized that Jaylesya would have to find a job. It wasn’t long before she found a job working in a restaurant kitchen. The pay wasn’t bad, but something else worried them.

Getting There


She would have to travel at least 12 miles daily to the restaurant and back home. No busses traveled that route, and she hadn’t gotten her driver’s license. The couple worried about how she would get there every morning.

They couldn’t rely on Marvin’s car because of his unpredictable shifts at the warehouse. He spent some weeks working early mornings and others working at night. He knew he could not drive his wife to work, but Jaylesya had an idea.

Making A Sacrifice


She decided to walk to work every morning so Marvin could take the car whenever he got called in for work. She was more than willing to make the sacrifice.

Marvin’s heart swelled when his wife shared her idea with him. He made a vow to her that he would do everything possible to make things better for them. But it wasn’t long before he grew skeptical of his wife’s decision.



Despite Marvin having some days off, Jaylesya refused his offer to drive her to work. He was surprised that she would willingly walk 12 miles through the dust instead of jumping at the chance to let him drop her off at the restaurant.

He insisted that he drive her, telling her he could only imagine how tiring the walk was. She knew he didn’t have to work those days but happily declined his offer and left the house. He couldn’t understand why.

She Didn’t Want To Be A Bother

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She had told Martin that she liked the opportunity to exercise and that it wasn’t as bad as he thought. She explained that she didn’t want to bother him when he got the rare chance to rest.

And at first, Marvin believed her. But after a few weeks, someone sent him some videos that made his blood boil. His wife had been concealing something from him.



He received news from his neighbor that he spotted her doing something strange. Before it started, he had noticed her walking to work and decided to record it to show Marvin. He soon sent the footage to Marvin’s phone.

The videos caught Jaylesa walking to a certain point down the road before stopping near the neighbor’s yard and climbing into a set of cars. Marvin was shocked when he saw one of them was a police vehicle and wondered what his wife was thinking.


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Marvin’s mind spun after watching the videos. Jaylesya had just returned home when he asked her if she had walked the entire 12 miles to work and back home.

She told him that she did so every day. “But I’m beginning to enjoy it,” she said. Marvin felt his heart sink, knowing that she had lied to him. He didn’t have it in him to confront her with the videos yet but soon came up with another plan.

Following Her

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He decided to use his next day off to follow his wife on her way to work. She was getting into strange cars, and he needed to know why. How could he be sure that she was even working at the restaurant?

He kept his eyes closed while he lay in bed and heard his wife leave for work. He rushed to get dressed and hurried to follow her. He was careful to stay far enough behind her. He watched her climb into the police car again, and he was stunned.


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Marvin called to his wife as he ran and watched her shocked expression turn to a shameful one. He heard a door open before a police officer emerged from the vehicle. Marvin looked at his wife and asked her what was going on.

Jaylesya grew tearful and said, “I can explain everything to you.” She had been lying about walking to the restaurant from the very beginning.


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She quickly grew tired of walking to the restaurant during the first week. She was grateful when a police officer offered her a lift and told her he often drove that road. He had been kind to her and given her lifts from then on.

The officer would often switch his police vehicle with his own car, but he had been the only one to drive Jaylesya to work in the mornings. But Marvin didn’t understand why she hadn’t told him of the arrangement. Why had she kept quiet?

What Would He Think

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Jaylesya said that her husband needed to rest and that she didn’t want to bother him, especially because he’s been working so hard. She worried about what her husband would think about her getting lifts from another man, so she avoided telling him.

She knew how stressed her husband was and didn’t want to be something else he had to worry about. Suddenly, the police officer stepped forward and said, “Let me tell you about the day I met Jaylesya.”