Woman Falsely Accused Of Shoplifting At Walmart Gets Payback
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Woman Falsely Accused Of Shoplifting At Walmart Gets Payback

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The self-checkout system was used by Alabama resident Amy Colbert in her local Walmart store to pay for some groceries. In spite of scanning the items correctly and paying for her groceries through self-checkout, the device froze before she left.

She was arrested and accused of shoplifting as she was leaving the store. Despite explaining that the machine had frozen after she paid, the store employee had her arrested. There was no way they could have known that was a huge mistake.

A Calm Woman

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Amy has spent her entire childhood in Alabama. She adored the fresh air, the expansive fields, and—most importantly—the warm locals. Through her work at a contact center, the woman established a life in her hometown. She got married young but was unable to have kids.

She and her spouse eventually divorced, and she moved into a small apartment alone. She was a laid-back individual who got along well with the majority of her neighbors. But there was something about Amy that few people were aware of.

Keeping To Herself

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Amy's behavior changed after her divorce. Although it wasn't anything major or concerning, her local acquaintances and neighbors were able to detect it.

Amy received few visits and hardly ever left the house in the months that followed her divorce. The woman appeared to be by herself in the world. But how is that possible?

Keeping A Secret

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Although just a handful of Amy's closest friends were aware of it, Amy didn't disclose it to others. She was aware that was wrong.

Her friends contributed as well and were sympathetic to Amy's desire to keep it a secret. People are frequently prejudiced and quick to draw judgments without fully understanding the situation.

Not A Good Relationship

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Few individuals were aware of Amy's difficult relationship with her family. Even though they shared a city, they hardly ever visited her.

Amy didn't mention them much, either. She nearly appeared to be trying to avoid bringing them up at all costs. But there could have been a good explanation for that.

Tough Times

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Amy's early years were difficult. She was raised in one of Mobile's worst neighborhoods, which her family still called home today.

During her childhood, Amy witnessed many things that no child should experience. It was easy for her to feel traumatized by some of them, as they were particularly gruesome.

The Wrong Reasons

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But it didn't end there. The unpleasant things that Amy experienced as a youngster began and ended in her own home. The Colberts, Amy's family, were well-known in the community, but for all the wrong reasons.

Amy grew up sharing a home with her parents and her uncle. Sadly, the three adults in the home were engaged in some shady activities that permanently altered Amy's life.

Keeping Quiet

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The Colbert family were well-known local robbers and criminals. Some people revered and respected them, while others detested them.

In their neighborhood, they never "performed their job," but every other week, they would go to the affluent section of town, break into homes, and bring the loot back. Everyone in the area was aware of it, but nobody dared to come out and expose them.

They Got Caught

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However, the Colberts' luck ultimately ran out. The three of them were caught in one of their shenanigans in a mansion outside of Mobile.

While Amy was sent to boarding school, where she remained until the age of 18, the other two were sent to prison. Just a year later, her parents were freed. What happened next was everything but a cordial family gathering.


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Amy had no desire to interact with her relatives once they had been let out of jail. She will always hate them for what their behavior and actions have caused.

She had a lot of amenities as a child that other children in her school and area could only hope for. But does that justify her lonely and depressing childhood? Was that sufficient evidence to support growing up without a family?

She Cut Them Off

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Even though Amy tried to steer clear from her family's endeavors from then on, word got to her that they were still doing the same thing that had led them to jail.

She didn't want her name associated with them, so since she started working and being able to support herself, she reduced her visits and communication to the bare minimum required by common courtesy.


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It took her a while to get over the trauma and resentment: but eventually, she made peace with her past and was just fine living alone, far from all the trauma and stress.

Plus, Amy had made a lot of friends in the area during her lifetime, so she never really felt lonely. But even though she was the nicest person, she would soon make an enemy. A very powerful one.

Her Life Was About To Change

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So now, as a middle-aged woman without a husband or children and barely any link to her family, she was used to doing everything by herself inside and outside the house.

That, of course, included going to her closest grocery store and getting some food for the week. Little did she know that one of her shopping trips would forever change her life.

Loved By The Community

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The middle-aged woman was a pillar in her community. Everyone loved her, and she often volunteered in neighborhood organizations.

So when the ordeal with Walmart happened, everyone who knew the woman was shocked. They couldn't believe she could ever do that. People were sure the accusations were false. However, things took a turn for the worse shortly after.


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Amy never got to know how it started. Still, word got around about her family and her past just a few days after she was accused of shoplifting in the grocery store.

After that, people started thinking twice before defending Amy's innocence. What if it ran in the blood? Rumors began spreading and blowing things out of proportion. And that wasn't all.