Boy Rejected In High School Gets Last Laugh As Trans Woman
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Boy Rejected In High School Gets Last Laugh As Trans Woman

Johan Brown

She Had Feelings

She’d had feelings for him for quite some time at this point, and she always found herself wondering if she stood a chance with him. She’d attempted to spark something between them two years before, but her attempt was unsuccessful. She just hoped it would be different this time around.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself before sending the message. Now it was up to fate. She had no idea what was in store for her.

Erin Anderson

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When Erin Anderson was just three years old, she realized that she was living in the wrong body. Back then, her name was Aaron, and she loved dresses a lot more than action figures and toy cars.

Native to Owensboro, Kentucky, Erin developed a crush on a boy on Facebook during her teenage years. She decided to make a risky move. Sending him a message, she told him that she thought he was cute, and his response surprised her.

Jared Norris

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His name was Jared Norris, and his response to her message was that of rejection. He was quite polite in his response, but it still hurt Erin deeply.

His response made it obvious that he wasn’t romantically interested in Erin at all. At the time, Erin was still Aaron. After Jared’s response, she felt broken and trapped inside a body that didn’t belong to her. Erin was desperate to make everything right.

She Did What She Had To

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After this incident, she decided to scout the internet for more information about transitioning into a woman. She knew that she had to take her life into her own hands.

Soon enough, she found a reputable program and immediately enrolled herself. Filled with determination, she was willing to do everything in her power to become the person she was meant to be. But she knew that such procedures always come with a complication.

Two Procedures

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Erin soon learned that she had to undergo two procedures that were crucial to her transition. The first of the two was an augmentation surgery, and she underwent it as soon as possible.

The surgery was accompanied by hormone replacement therapy, which she would spread over two years. Erin was set on breaking out of this prison, but she felt that she didn’t have two years to spare. This broke her heart.

Talking To Her Family

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She decided to talk to her family about her dilemma. They told her that it was best to go through with the therapy, even if it took a decade. They were prepared to be there for her as she made all kinds of sacrifices to see it through.

She took her family’s reassurance and got started on her two-year-long hormone replacement journey. But when she reached the halfway point, she realized that she had made a mistake.

Too Soon?

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Her body was responding positively to the hormone therapy. But she began wondering if she took enough time to think about this before committing to it. She was becoming a woman now, and her life was never going to be the same again.

She closed her eyes and remembered all of those years spent wishing she was a woman. Her lips curled at the corners and she took a deep breath. She was doing what was best for her, but there was one glaring problem.

It Was Expensive

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She needed more surgery if she was going to transition fully. Next on her list was gender reassignment, and she knew that it was quite expensive.

She once again decided to call her family to share her worries with them. It was a momentous time in her life and naturally, she needed all the love and support she could get. Her family was supportive as ever, reassuring her of her decision. They were there for her, but did she still want to continue with her transition?

Sharing It On Instagram

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The final year of her hormone replacement therapy came and went. She came out of it a new person, happier than ever with the body she walked in.

Overjoyed with her transition, she took to Instagram and shared her look with the world. She posted a photo of herself and many people came to celebrate with her. Along with the many likes she got, one grabbed her attention.

It Was Jared!

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She couldn’t believe it, but Jared liked her picture. Those same feelings she felt years before came flooding back when she saw his name on her screen.

She still wanted to be with Jared, so she decided to quickly type out a message, which included her number at the end. He’d rejected her once before and it almost broke her. She hoped that it would be different this time around. She then hit send.

His Response

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Erin’s phone pinged within five minutes. She jumped to it, finding a message that sent a wave of searing heat up her spine.

Jared wanted to meet her. Seeing that her birthday was the next day, Erin set a date for that day. She met Jared, and they had a wonderful time. Afterward, Jared disclosed something that made Erin’s jaw drop.

True Happiness

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Jared shared that he loved how Erin was free to be herself. He enjoyed spending time with her and would love to do it again.

Jared and Erin spent the week getting to know each other. By Friday evening, they were an item on Facebook. Erin could not believe it. Little did she know that dating Jared brought its set of problems.

Us Against The World

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Before dating Jared, Erin had gone out with a few people. Although she liked them, none of them ever introduced her to their friends or family as trans, which was hurtful.

Everything was different with Jared. He introduced Erin as his trans girlfriend. He was proud to call her his. But his courage resulted in another issue.

Being Strong

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Erin and Jared’s relationship was attracting the wrong crowd. The couple received death threats over their relationship. These messages made Erin feel like she was not woman enough.

But in this sea of vile and hateful messages were words of encouragement that helped the couple power through the hate. Amid all this drama, Jared did the unthinkable.

A Perfect Match

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“I love you,” Jared confessed one rainy afternoon. “No matter what the world thinks. You are willing to put yourself out there, to be yourself. You are perfect in my eyes, and nothing will ever change that.”

This declaration shook Erin, showing her life was finally perfect. Erin had Jared by her side and the love of her family and friends. But her story isn’t the only one.