Woman Gets The Last Laugh After Getting Rejected On Kiss Cam
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Woman Gets The Last Laugh After Getting Rejected On Kiss Cam

Johan Brown

Louisa was mortified, she couldn’t move. How could he do this to her in front of so many people? She was so in love with him, but now it seemed that the last four years meant nothing to him. She had to prepare herself for the embarrassment that would follow.

No one would ever let this go. She knew that her friends would remind her of this moment until the day she died. But just then, an idea came to mind. She was going to get her revenge.

The Perfect Life

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Louisa was happy with the life she was living. She had a nice apartment in the city and she worked for an amazing company. To make things even better, she had the love of her life by her side.

Louisa never expected that anything could ruin her perfect life. But on one casual day, everything changed for Louisa. Panic set in and it felt like her entire world was being turned upside-down.

Madly In Love

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Louisa had been in a loving relationship with Marc for over four years, and she thought they were the perfect couple. Marc was the most amazing man she knew, he treated her like royalty, and he was extremely selfless.

They both thought they had found their soulmates, and that nothing could ever tear them apart. But soon, they would experience a bump in the road.

The Perfect Gift

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Marc loved basketball almost as much as he loved Louisa. He supported the Brooklyn Nets, and he watched every game they played on television. Louisa adored his obsession with sports. She had her own obsession with shopping!

But one year, for his birthday, she got him the perfect gift. She knew that her surprise would earn her a lot of brownie points. But she had no idea what repercussions this gift would have.

He Couldn’t Believe It

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It was the morning of his birthday, and he excitedly ripped the wrapping paper from his gift. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the two tickets to see the Brooklyn Nets play the Atlanta Hawks. He was beside himself with excitement.

Louisa happily announced that she would be joining him for this treat. He was so happy, engulfing her in an enormous hug. He felt immense love towards her at that very moment. But they had no idea how cruel the twist of fate can be.


YouTube/Atlanta Hawks 

Before they knew it, Louisa and Marc sat in their arena seats. Marc was so excited and Louisa was overjoyed by this.

Before sitting down, they had gotten themselves beer and snacks. They were ready for the game to start, wide smiles evident on their faces. But just then, Louisa felt an odd sensation in the back of her mind. She instantly knew that something was wrong.

The Kiss Cam

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At this point, a kiss cam started making its way around the crowd, as tradition. Louisa watched as couple after couple appeared on the screen for their big moment. Everyone cheered as the kiss came went around.

But as she was watching, Louisa never imagined that the camera would stop on her and Marc. When it happened, Louisa was surprised but overjoyed as the camera came closer to them. She had no clue what was about to happen.

Their Moment

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And then it happened, the kiss cam landed on them. Louisa grinned as she got ready for their big moment, meanwhile, Marc looked down at his beer, clutching it with white knuckles.

But what was his issue? What was going on? It appeared that he was a lot more willing to kiss his beer in front of the entire stadium instead of her. Louisa wondered if he hadn’t noticed the kiss cam, but he was well aware that it was on them.

He Ignored Her

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Louisa grinned at Marc, trying to get his attention so that he could look at the screen and see what was going on. But he just sat there, frozen, staring at his drink. It was like he wanted to be anywhere but there.

Louisa was beginning to get irritated. She was mortified and embarrassed as everyone stared at them. But what she decided to do next had major implications.

She Had To Act Fast

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She gave him one more chance, but he refused to cooperate. All eyes were on them, and she was so very aware of that fact. Her cheeks flushed as dread filled her veins. She had to get him back for this.

Her heart was racing, and she knew she had to act fast before the kiss cam went off of them. She quickly turned to the man that sat next to her. She didn’t know if this was the right thing to do, but she went for it.

Getting Her Revenge

YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

The guy to her left was drinking soda, minding his own business. But when Louisa turned to him and put forth her proposal, he didn’t seem to hesitate and swiftly accepted to participate in her scheme.

Perhaps it didn’t hurt that she was easy on the eyes, either. While her unsuspecting boyfriend still nursed his beloved beer, she did something that shocked the whole stadium.

Awkward Situation

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Before the Kiss Cam turned away, the woman planted a smooch on the lips of the man to her left. Realizing that she had kissed a stranger to get revenge on her crabby boyfriend, the crowd burst into laughter.

The three women in front of them, bemused by the spectacle but too close to the action for comfort, looked simultaneously horrified and entertained. The woman’s boyfriend, though, appeared anything but amused.

She Did The Unthinkable

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After the initial shock and disbelief at what his girlfriend had just done, came the anger. He berated her, but she remained calm and looked pleased with her revenge.

So Marc instead stood up and stormed away. Meanwhile, the lucky stranger resumed sipping on his soda, wearing a giant smile on his face. The scene created such a sensation that it was preserved for posterity.

Going Viral

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This unique moment of Kiss Cam revenge was uploaded to the Atlanta Hawks’ YouTube channel, and it soon went viral. Having amassed more than six million views, people had different takes on the matter.

Like with many other wild things that get shared online, the skeptics arrived without delay and began casting doubt on the story.

Sparking Controversy


“Seems horribly fake,” remarked a commenter by the name of GrandChamp. Another called the people in the video ‘mediocre actors’ and suggested the kiss had been entirely staged.

Others went so far as to claim the whole episode had been a case of ‘guerilla marketing’ to promote a product – perhaps Sprite, the soda that the kissed gentleman was seen drinking. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time.