Woman Refuses To Let Man Board First Class

Woman Refuses To Let Man Board First Class

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It was too late for him to take it back. She had already heard what he said. But he felt he had to stand up for himself, considering she had been doing her best not to let him board the plane.

She was dumbfounded, disbelieving what she had heard. He had been put into a situation where he had to say what everyone else had been thinking.

A Frustrating Experience


Many people find it stressful to board a flight. There are plenty of variables to keep in mind, such as keeping to schedule, going through security checkpoints, and ensuring that your luggage is as safe as can be. But things tend to go wrong, leaving some feeling more frustrated than ever.

Emmit was no stranger to this feeling, but she was relentless. She wouldn’t stop her attempts at ruining his day.



Emmit had booked a flight to the Dominican Republic to be with his family in time for his birthday.

He had no idea that he had eyes glued to him the entire time he was waiting for his flight. He was oblivious to her stares and the fact that she didn’t want him to get on the plane.

“Excuse Me”

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He heard someone shouting as he stood in line. The shout had come from behind him, so he didn’t bother to get involved in someone else’s business. But then he felt someone tapping his shoulder and saying, “Excuse me, mister….”

Emmit turned around to find a woman glaring at him. He was unsuspecting of the raucous confrontation he was about to face.

A Sign


Emmit watched as the woman looked him up and down with an odd expression. He could tell that she didn’t like him being there.

She looked above her, and he followed her gaze to a sign. What she said next had Emmit reeling. He couldn’t believe what he’d heard.

In The Wrong Place?


She told Emmit that he was in the wrong place and suggested he exit the queue. Emmit tried to explain that he had booked a first-class flight but was cut off when she bumped into him and told him to let them pass.

Emmit was startled but wanted to handle the situation peacefully. He wondered if the woman was having a bad day.



He gave the woman a quizzical look but remained calm as he said, “Yes, this is the line I am meant to be in.” She shook her head, refusing to believe his statement, and demanded that he let her pass him. Her tone was condescending when she said, “We’re here for priority bookings.”

Emmit tried to clarify and asked if priority meant first class. She was relentless, it seemed, but it wasn’t long before Emmit realized her real issue.

Singled Out


She barked a yes and told him he would be called after they boarded the flight. Emmit grew more confused by the minute, unsure of why this woman was so adamant that he was not meant to be there. Why did it feel like she was picking on him?

Emmit did his best to plaster on a neutral expression but felt his blood start to boil.

Meant To Be There


He could tell she didn’t believe him and showed her the ticket he’d kept in his wallet. It should have been enough proof to show her he was meant to be there.

He didn’t even know this woman but he wanted the confrontation to end. But he had no idea what would happen next.

“He Should Still Wait”


He didn’t think her facial expression could get worse than that, but then she sneered. She spoke loudly to her friends, ensuring that Emmit would hear what she had to say.

She was passive-aggressive with her statement and said he must work for the military. “But he should still have to wait because we paid for our seats.” Emmit was finding it difficult to contain his anger.



Emmit avoided conflict at all costs and racked his brain for an explanation for this woman’s unbelievable behavior.

There was no denying that she thought he couldn’t afford to purchase a first-class ticket and that she didn’t deem him worthy. Had he understood the situation correctly? Or was he reading into things?

Treated Differently


Emmit couldn’t shake the feeling that he knew exactly what this woman was implying. He didn’t like to think that his skin color was the reason for all her judgment. He felt that things had changed over the years, so why would this woman treat him like a second-class citizen?

He pushed the thought away and decided not to make any conclusions. He would give her the benefit of the doubt, but he would soon have to face reality.

Jumping To Conclusions?

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No matter how mean the woman seemed to be, he didn’t want to settle on that idea of her. He wanted to believe she was better than that.

He wondered if he had perhaps read into things and jumped to conclusions about the woman. He thought about what she said and broke it down in his head. But it had him feeling increasingly shocked.

Staying Put


He kept his tone gentle as he said he had been in the line before her. “I’m not going to move,” he said. Everyone had to wait their turn, and she would have to, too.

He looked down at his clothes, wondering if he had dressed appropriately for the plane. He dismissed the thought when he looked at the woman’s clothes and saw that she didn’t look too grand either. This was not the end of their confrontation.


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He had come to a conclusion that was no longer avoidable, and he had to say something. What he said next brought about applause.

She was stunned by what she heard. He could tell that she hadn’t been told off in a while and was pleased to have given her a piece of her own medicine that she deserved.