Woman Wears Heirloom Necklace For 25 Years Without Realizing What’s Inside
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Woman Wears Heirloom Necklace For 25 Years Without Realizing What’s Inside

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She watched as the necklace her mom had given to her years ago fell from her neck and landed on the carpet. A big smile broke over her neighbor’s face as he dropped the knife he had been holding and took a step back to watch.

Her body refused to move an inch as shock overcame her. She finally saw what was hidden inside the necklace and wished she could have one last chance to talk to her mom. She had never felt close to her until now.

A Troubled Upbringing

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Daisy Shaw had a tough childhood. Daisy was born in Little River, California, and her parents divorced when she was just three years old.

Her mom moved her and Daisy into a studio apartment in Los Angeles. Daisy’s mom was only twenty-nine at the time and suffered from severe depression and substance abuse problems. Occasionally her disorders drove her to do awful things to her daughter.

A Shell Of A Girl

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Daisy would go to school malnourished and exhausted. Child Protection Services placed her in a foster home when it became evident what her mother was doing to her.

She became a shell of the happy, seven-year-old girl she once was. Her mother's old locket served as her only connection to her former life. She blamed herself for everything that happened, but soon the blame grew into something worse.


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Daisy grew to hate her mom deeply for destroying her childhood. She watched other children go on boat rides and picnics with their parents. She watched them go to fairs and how happy the mothers were when their daughters went to prom.

When she learned that her mother had passed away, she couldn’t bring herself to feel anything. Her childhood was a haze, and she detested her mom for it. Every day her hatred grew strong, but it wouldn’t last forever.

A Crush

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On her twenty-seventh birthday, Daisy met Klaus, a young author from London. Klause was Daisy’s neighbor, and every night she would smell the aroma of his cooking and wish they could be friends.

Klaus was an interesting person. Despite the Los Angeles heat, he could always be seen in a leather jacket. Daisy found herself to be quite attracted to him. But she would have kept her distance if she knew any better.

Forgetting Her Values

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After seeing what divorce did to her parents, Daisy swore off any form of intimacy. But she would risk it all for Klaus.

Klaus once described her necklace as a captivating piece of jewelry. Daisy explained to him that she hadn’t taken it off her neck since she got it when she was three years old. She felt comfortable talking to him. But she didn’t know that he was slowly infiltrating her mind.

A Coffee Date

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Daisy dreamt of Klause that night. She had never felt such a connection with anyone before. She wondered if her mom and dad had felt the same way before they divorced.

The next morning she ran into him in the hallway. Klaus asked, “Can I take you out for some tea?” The invitation made Daisy laugh, and she told him that no one drank tea in the 21st century. Then she asked, “How do you feel about coffee instead?”

She Had A Problem

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Daisy had an amazing time on their first date, so much so that she asked Klause for another. The second date was even better than the first. They had many more dates after that, and they were perfect.

Daisy knew she was falling for Klaus. He could make her laugh no matter what. Daisy’s felt as if her heart would shatter into thousands of pieces when she pictured him sad. Then she remembered she had sworn off intimacy- she was in big trouble.

Facing Her Fears

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That night, Daisy tried to figure out exactly what she felt for the boy next door. Although she had only known him for a year, it had felt like an eternity.

Daisy saw the effects of her parent's divorce on her mother. She feared that maybe the same would happen to her. But after everything they had been through, could she reject Klaus?

No More Hate

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Daisy grasped her mom’s necklace in her hand. It seemed a little heavier than usual. She clutched it to her chest, wishing she could speak to her mom. She no longer felt the hatred she once did; now, all she felt was loss.

Even though it was late at night, Daisy marched over to Klaus’ door. She knocked, and it didn’t take long for him to open the door. She whispered, “I think we need to talk.”

What’s Happening?

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Klaus let Daisy into his apartment. The table was set for two, and he had lit a few candles around the living room. “Take a seat,” he said.

Klaus went into the kitchen as Daisy sat down, returning with a knife gleaming in his hand. In the other, he held a red velvet cupcake. “What’s happening?” Daisy asked.

A Secret In Her Necklace

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Klaus gestured to Daisy’s necklace. She gently brushed her fingers along its warm metal. Then he said, “Open it.” The confusion was evident on Daisy’s face. Klaus explained, “It’s a locket. Don’t lockets hold gifts?”

He slid the knife down the middle of the cupcake and handed half to Daisy. “I know it’s not your birthday, but I’ve been waiting for you to come. I lit these candles hours ago.” Then in one swift motion, he cut the necklace from Daisy’s neck.

A Suprise

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Klaus tipped the cake-covered knife out of his hand. It fell right next to the opened necklace. Then it caught her eye, the ring glimmering on the other side of the chain. Klause dropped to his knees, “I hid it in your necklace on our last date.”

His doe eyes sparkled exquisitely in the candlelight. The corners of his mouth curled up as he asked, “Daisy Shaw, will you marry me?” Daisy’s lips parted in surprise.

One Step Ahead

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Daisy couldn’t move for what felt like minutes. Her breath was hitched in her throat, and she couldn’t seem to blink. She had come to tell Klaus that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She had fallen in love with him.

And there he knelt on one knee. He was one step ahead in this risky game they were playing. Worry flashed across Klaus’ face, and he asked again, “Will you marry me?”

Moving Forward

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Daisy thought back to her parents. Their relationship had ruined her childhood. Would she let it destroy her newfound happiness too?

Her heart hammered in her chest as she took a step forward. She felt weak in her knees and had to concentrate on not tripping over. “Klaus,” her voice was barely audible. Tears blurred her vision as she said, “Yes. Yes, I will marry you.”